Rick Wilson for Tennessee State Representative


Palm Cards


3×4 (inches)




How To Design Your Campaign Palm Card (Push Card)

The Palm Card is designed as an introduction for candidates, and can be the difference between someone telling you that they do not have enough time to speak with you, or actually stoping to listen to what you have to say.

That is why it very important that you get it right.

Too little information, and the reader may not care to bother with you.

Too much information, and the reader may get bored and lose interest on what you have to say.

There 3 key pieces of information on a Palm Card that should always take center stage.

Your Name, Your Portrait and the position (office) which you seek. That group should be the main focus on the front of your Palm Card.

The back of your Palm Card would depend on the community.

If the community in which you seek office is diverse, you should choose to go with a bilingual Palm Card.


Front English – Back Spanish or Chinese, or which ever is the 2nd most spoken language.

Other options recommended, is to use the back of your Palm Card to tell the reader something about yourself or for a list of changes which you will seek in benefit of the community.

Try to keep it short. Don’t give the reader too much to read – because he/she will very likely not read all of it.  Tell them who you are, why you are running and what you will do to improve.
The less you say, the more they will remember, and the more likely they are to share what you said.If you have any questions about Palm Cards, please feel free to contact us @ paperpunchprinting@gmail.com

Political Campaign Banners

What better way to get your message & your name out there, than with a large campaign banner displaying your message. Check out the campaign banner we created for Etienne David Adorno – running for state assemble in the 38th District, Queens, NY.

Our full color banners are printed on thick high quality weather proof vinyl. At $7 per Square foot, we offer the best prices anywhere.

A 3 feet by 6 feet banner like Adorno’s will only cost you $126.00.

Give me a call for more information on campaign banners.
Leo Paulino
If you live in New York City, you can stop by the office in Brooklyn –
3 blocks from the L Train.
172 Borinquen PL.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Etienne David Adorno Gets On The Ballot

It’s Official, Etienne David Adorno is an official candidate for the NYS Assembly seat of the 38th District in Queens, NY.

If you meet Etienne face to face, and allow him to talk to you for more than 5 minutes, you will understand why the people of Queens’ 38th District have decided that he should be on the ballot.

When Etienne came to us for his Palm Cards, he was clear on what he wanted. Not just a piece of paper with his name on it – but a story which could clearly deliver his messages to voters.

Congratulations Etienne, and Good Luck in September.

To support Etienne David Adorno, visit his official campaign website voteforadorno.com.

Trading Congressional Votes For Advertisements

Campaigns are getting so expensive, that some candidates are willing to vote against a specific legislation in return for campaign advertisements.

An outside political organization run by former aides to Eric Cantor is buying radio advertising time to reward Republicans who fall in line with leadership.

The YG Network — one of the GOP groups that has sprouted this cycle — is launching a radio campaign Monday that will congratulate allies of the House majority leader for voting to repeal a tax on medical devices. The ad urges lawmakers to “keep voting to stop tax increases arriving next year” — a nod to the bundle of tax rates that will expire at the end of 2012.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/77260.html#ixzz1xVjkZFO7

Palm Cards for Manny Tavarez

Take a look at the Palm Cards which NYC Campaign Solutions designed for Manny Tavarez. One side in English and the other side in Spanish.

Palm Cards for Eteinne David Adorno

Take a look at the Palm Cards for Etienne David Adorno’s campaign for NYS Assembly.